Colby Covington: Conor McGregor ‘Can’t Even Knock An Old Man Off A Barstool,’ Not A Threat At 170

Colby Covington Discusses Conor McGregor Potentially Making A Return To Welterweight, Provides Update On Negotiations For A Fight With Jorge Masvidal

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Conor McGregor has discussed making a return to welterweight for his next fight, against Dustin Poirier. However top 170lb contender Colby Covington does not see him as much of a threat against legitimate welterweight fighters.

Love him or hate him, Covington is undeniably one of the most skilled fighters in the UFC’s welterweight rankings. Although he lost his title shot against Kamaru Usman, it was a close and competitive fight, and one of the best in the sport’s history. Since then, he has even rebounded back into the winning column with a finish over former champ Tyron Woodley, reestablishing his place as one of the best the division has to offer, regardless of his antics outside the cage.


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Colby Covington Not Intimidated By Conor McGregor

Former champ-champ Conor McGregor is looking for a fight with top lightweight contender Dustin Poirier, but he has said that he wants the fight to take place at welterweight. As one of the top contenders in that division, Colby Covington does not see him as much of a threat against legitimate welterweights. He explained in a recent interview that he can keep taking fights with lightweights at welterweight, but if McGregor ever chose to step up and fight someone who only competes at 170lb, it would not got well for him.

“I don’t know what to make of it,” Covington said. “He’s just looking for these easy fights with midgets but then he wants to fight these little featherweights and fight them at 170. He doesn’t want to fight the real men of the division. He doesn’t want to fight yours truly, the number one welterweight in the world, Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington. He’s looking for easy fights with midgets to fight at my weight class.

“I don’t make anything of it,” Covington continued. “He’s not fighting for the belt anytime soon or ever again. He lost his motivation. He got all that money, and he’s not the same fighter that he was before. I mean, he can’t even knock an old man off a bar stool. That’s embarrassing in itself.”


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Update On Jorge Masvidal Fight Negotiations

There seems to be two fights that Colby Covington is interested in at the moment. He is obviously willing to fight for the title if given the opportunity, but he has been banging the drum to face his teammate-turned-rival Jorge Masvidal. He explained that this is a bout that he has already agreed to, but to his understanding Jorge has yet to sign the bout agreement. Colby has an interesting theory as to why Jorge has not accepted the fight yet.

“I had heard that they had told me that he’s scared of the style matchup,” Covington said. “The stylistic fight, he wants another one. He’s looking for something else. They’re going to try to get him on board, they’re going to offer him a lot of money because that’s the only way he’s showing up, is if he gets a lot of money for this losing check and getting his a– beat. They just have to get him on board and do some more convincing. I don’t know what his contract is or how much he’s going to make but he’s probably asking for more and that’s the hold up.

“Have you guys seen Street Judas Masvidal lately?” Covington went on. “That belly he’s got, whew he’s super round right now… He’s looking real round, we might have to do this at light heavyweight.”

No matter what the hold up is, there is a legitimate interest in the fanbase to see Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal square up. Hopefully the UFC can get it done soon.

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