Colby Covington Rips Dustin Poirier And His Family After UFC 264: ‘I’m Jolie’s Husband’

Colby Covington reacts to Dustin Poirier's UFC 264 win over Conor McGregor and says that Dustin was exposed for being a bad person

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Colby Covington has been taking aim at Dustin Poirier over the last few weeks. So it comes as no surprise that he had some unkind words for his former training partner, after Dustin’s win over Conor McGregor at UFC 264.

Covington has been making all kinds of not-so-friendly remarks about Poirier in the buildup to Dustin’s third fight with McGregor. Most notably he released training footage supposedly painting Dustin as a bad guy, although this fell flat among the general MMA audience.

Now Colby continued his barrage of harsh words for Dustin, after the Louisiana native’s victory over the weekend, which came as a result of Conor breaking his tibia. Speaking in a recent interview, the welterweight contender mocked Dustin for the fight’s result, and said that the way he acted out of a fight continues to prove that he’s not a good person.

“I thought it showed the charitable, nice guy, the true character of Dustin ‘The Doofus’ Soy-ier last night. He’s out there strutting in front of Conor’s face. Obviously it was a fluke, man. Conor broke his leg. It was a fluke decision ending. It wasn’t a knockout, it wasn’t a clear-cut decision, it wasn’t a submission, and the guy’s out there strutting in front of the guy’s face at a downfall, when that guy made his career and did everything for Dustin to give him these big fights,” Covington said.

“I just thought it showed his true character last night. He’s a dirtbag and so is the whole camp that he resides out of.”

Colby Covington Attacks Dustin Poirier’s Family

In the build up to UFC 264, Conor McGregor repeatedly brought up Dustin Poirier’s wife, continuing to do so even after having his leg broken. This is a train that Colby Covington, himself picked up on.

However Colby took it a step farther, by not only bringing up Dustin’s wife Jolie, but Dustin’s daughter as well. Furthermore, he also questioned Dustin’s manhood, and place as a husband and father.

“He’s got his little prop wife Jolie out there. Obviously, she’s a prop. He only uses her as a prop because he knows he’s a piece of sh*t person and he wants to act like a nice guy, a family man, a father, and a good husband,” Covington said.

“This is a personal rivalry, it’s not like I’m trying to pick on someone and there’s no narrative to the fight. This guy, we go back ten years training together, and he’s said some things to me in the gym, I’ve said some things to him. There’s deep, deep personal issues with this drama and this beef, and I just hope it gets settled in the Octagon some day. But if it don’t, then the fans get to know who daddy is, and they get to know that I’m really Parker’s daddy. It’s not Dustin that’s Parker’s daddy, I’m Parker’s daddy and I’m Jolie’s husband.”

Do you want to see a fight between Colby Covington and Dustin Poirier? Did the welterweight go too far with these recent comments?

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