Cody McKenzie is the fighter we deserve, but are too afraid to embrace

If it were 1994 and Cody McKenzie were making his entrance to the Octagon through a plume of cigarette smoke, he’d be a millionaire. He’d of been the lightweight Tank Abbott, and never mind the fact that guys his size never really fought back then, because Cody is officially Royce Gracie early 90’s weight now. Yes, Cody McKenzie is a welterweight, up from featherweight. Consider it fuel to get him through Battleground’s three-fight tournament tomorrow night. It’s an old crab fishing trick.

Consider the fact that now cutting weight is a science of sorts now, fighters shed ridiculous amounts of weight in order to gain whatever advantage they can over their opponents, and this is going to be exactly the case tomorrow in Oklahoma. The majority of the fighters Cody will be facing have competed in the middleweight division at one time, and now he’s stepping up in an attempt to defeat three of them in one night. Did he have a camp? Who knows? Will he be walking home with a $50,000 check after three guillotines? Maybe. It’s a fascinating scenario that you just don’t see very often nowadays. People rarely go up in weight anymore. 

The strangest thing about this, of course, is the fact that Cody McKenzie came in at 172.4 pounds on his first attempt, so he drew a pint of blood, successfully draining himself enough to make the 171 pound limit. 

Cody McKenzie should walk out to his fights tomorrow smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer. MMA needs a Sandman, a guy who we can get behind. An everyman that could submit a rhino. The MMA world needs a man who is willing to take blood out of his body in order to make weight, not cut his hair or beard, not starve himself further. 

Cody McKenzie is the fighter that got us into this sport, he’s Sakuraba’s bastard son who’s out to sea six months out of the year. He doesn’t need the physique, he’s the guy who relaxes after a good training session with a six pack of beer, the only six pack he needs to get over with MMA fans. 

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