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Cody McKenzie just boa constricted his way to a unanimous decision win over Leonard Garcia

Cody McKenzie just boa constricted his way to a unanimous decision win over Leonard Garcia

Leonard Garcia kind of looks like a human teenage mutant ninja turtle to me. If that is the case then after tonight Cody McKenzie must be some sort of mutant ninja boa constrictor. Picture it. A giant snake with legs and Cody’s face and beard eating five dollar hot and ready Little Caesar’s pizzas. Apparently mutant ninja boa constrictors are pretty adept at making turtles roll around on their back in a fight.

Cody McKenzie spent almost the entire first two rounds making Leonard Garcia look like a turtle flipped upside down on the back of his shell, flailing his legs and arms about in an attempt to escape and get to his feet again. McKenzie just repeatedly wrapped Garcia up in body triangle after body triangle for the first two rounds-completely depleting any energy Garcia had. During the third round the two spent most of the fight on their feet, but Garcia was so noticeably exhausted he looked like someone’s drunken Uncle stumbling around at the family reunion trying to throw blows at his brother for drinking the last can of Milwaukee’s Best. At one point about half way through the third round McKenzie even taunted Garcia by sticking his tongue out and smiling. McKenzie took the fight back to the ground easily at the end and was declared winner via unanimous decision.

It should be noted though that, Garcia did a good job avoiding being submitted by McKenzie who has won 11 of his prior fights via Guillotine. Garcia is also the first and only person to make McKenzie go the distance-every other fight has not gone past the second round.

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