Cody Garbrandt Said TJ Dillashaw ‘Showed’ Team Alpha Male How To Use PEDS

Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw, as usual, get into some heated trash talk at UFC 217 pre-fight press conference on Thursday. Garbrandt has not been shy about saying all sorts of erratic things to his fellow opponent TJ Dillashaw and made furthered accusations of PEDS against Dillashaw.

Garbrandt told Dillashaw:

“You showed everyone how to do it on Team Alpha Male,”

Recently Speaking to MMA Hour on Monday, coach Chris Holdsworth said TJ Dillashaw was using ‘special supplements’

Dillashaw never failed the drug test, while Cody said he was on everything.

“Yeah, I’m on everything,” Dillashaw said sarcastically. “They test me every day, so I’m on everything.”

Steroids accusations have already been thrown out during the long dispute between Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt, but this thing goes to whole new level. A further allegation is that the former teammate Dillashaw instructed team members on how to cheat and not get caught.

“I don’t understand the animosity coming from him,” Dillashaw said. “It’s a little bit ridiculous. Do I need to hold his hand and tuck him in at night? … I’m not your daddy. [Team Alpha Male patriarch] Urijah [Faber] is your daddy. He’ll be there to hold your hand.”

Dillashaw was quick to respond to all the allegations the fact and seemed just as confused as all of us.

“You can do all the conditioning in the world with your new coach,” Garbrandt said. “You can’t condition that f*cking chin of yours.”

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