Coach: Jon Jones Will Have One-Strike Knockout Power When He Returns To Octagon

Coach Says Jon Jones Developing The One-Strike Knockout Power, Upon His Return, He’ll Start Putting Guys To Sleep

Former heavyweight champion and UFC’s bad boy Jon Jones widely considered the greatest of all time, but his second drug test failure somehow tarnish his legacy stemming from UFC 214.

Despite all the troubles, former 205-pound kingpin Jon Jones, who holds some notable wins over the likes of Daniel Cormier, Mauricio Rua, Quinton Jackson, Vitor Belfort, and Lyoto Machida. As Jones currently sidelined due to his troubles with USADA, his formal rival Cormier move up in a division to win the heavyweight title to become the second fight in the history of UFC to hold titles in two divisions simultaneously and surge in P4P rankings.

Jones has a plethora of highlight reel stoppage victories on his resume, despite all his accomplishments he never really holds a one-strike knockout power to fear his opponents.

JacksonWink striking coach Brandon Gibson recently speaks with The MMA Hour, where he explained that Jones is extensively training to sharpen his knockout skills and power, upon UFC return he’ll start putting his opponents to sleep. (Via MMAFighting)

“I think there’s still a lot of growth possible,” Gibson said. “Jon’s in his 30s now, I think he’s really starting to develop the one-strike knockout power, we saw that in the last fight. Before that, Jon was like a break ‘em down, break ‘em down, break ‘em down, finish. Where guys were never just out cold, unconscious. I think now Jon’s really developing a lot of power for 205 and he’s gonna really start putting guys to sleep.”

Jones who already beat the biggest MMA legends, a question here can he be more powerful, and his striking is improving more than before. His longtime striking coach said, consistency is a key, and he will inevitably reclaim the title and cement his legacy as a greatest of all.

“He’s had long periods of breaks. But I also think that this is a game where guys are paying too high of a price in training camps and sparring leading up to fights, so Jon’s layoff definitely has some benefits. But the lack of competition could also be a hindrance at times. So it’s gonna be a balance, but we never have a problem getting Jon Jones fired up.”

“He’s a special champion, he has a very special mindset, and he’ll get in there and I believe reclaim everything that he ever had and more. I told him the other day that I think greatness and his legacy continue to await us. We’re not there yet.”

Gibson also hinted after scoring the 205 strap, Jons will eventually go for a heavyweight belt as well.

“I think the goal right now when he returns would be to claim back the light heavyweight crown,” he said, “But Jon has a frame and definitely the technique and the size to compete at heavyweight. And who knows, maybe they make a 225 cruiserweight some day, or 195. I think Jon would have a lot of interest in different weight categories, not just heavyweight.”

Coach is optimistic that Jones will return to Octagon down the road, who is sidelined for a long time now. Jones is waiting for his decision from USADA with no hearing date is established yet and facing possible four years of suspension.

A rematch with Daniel Cormier will be ideal if he returns to UFC before Cormier hangs his glove by his 40th birthday.

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