Co-creator of UFC Campbell McLaren says racist MMA media won’t cover his $100k tourney, wait what?

Campbell McLaren is out here throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks. Look we’re all for holding the ingrained UFC media’s feet to the flames when needed. The MMA media has a long slimy history of working too closely with the promoters, getting too friendly with fighters and overlooking some major issues in the sport before they’re too late.

But to accuse a great number of the people who work in the media as racists, that is a level of tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy we’re not ready to dive deep into. Yet, here is the former co-creator of the UFC and current CEO of Combate Americas Campbell making outrageous claims.



If our math checks out, Yahoo Sports currently employs one combat sports writer……


LOL what?

Check the trailer for Combate Americas’s new one-night eight man $100K tournament below……unless you’re a racist

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