CM Punk with the Gracies Breaking Down Luke Rockhold’s Guillotine of Bisping

Who doesn’t love the Gracie Breakdown videos, right? They just get so overly excited about jiu-jitsu that happens in MMA that it can be contagious. In fact, the MMA world kind of needs the Gracies in this form, because it is a positive contribution to what is a moderately struggling sport right now. On Friday Luke Rockhold displayed good form in his one-armed guillotine over Michael Bisping that has had a lot of people talking, so the Gracies decided to give it a whirl.

Oh yeah, and they brought along a friend as well. That friend? The Best in the World, CM Punk. It’s quite a day for CM Punk, actually, with him just being announced as a new writer for Marvel Comics. He’ll make his Marvel debut in February’s Thor Annual #1 as a special guest writer and who knows where it’ll go from there. Needless to say, the former WWE Champion is keeping busy in his professional wrestling retirement even if WWE fans can’t contemplate a life without Punk in it and still chant his name on a weekly basis.

So anyway, the Gracies brought CM Punk, who trains with them on a regular basis, in for this video and this is the Gracie Breakdown with CM Punk.

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