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CM Punk Talks About His Future MMA Plans

CM Punk Talks About His Future MMA Plans

CM Punk Is Unsure Whether He Will Have Another Fight Soon, But He Still Has The Passion For MMA

CM Punk had his UFC debut versus Mickey Gall at UFC 203 on September 10, 2016. Mickey Gall won the fight via first-round rear-naked choke. CM fought again versus Mike Jackson at the main card of UFC 225 on June 9, 2018. Despite he lost the match via unanimous decision, the score of 30-26 shows his opponent was significantly better.

Many fighters would be rocked and lose interest after two hard defeats. But not CM Punk. He described in an interview how does his busy life look like at the moment. Punk also gave updates about his future MMA plans. (via

 ”From January until my fight, I was inundated with offers to do all kinds of other stuff,” Punk revealed. “But focus had to be on the fight and the camp and all that stuff. So, what I’m doing now since my fight is I’m finishing all these other projects that I’ve been doing.”

”Today’s my first day off from a four-week movie shoot,” he continued. “It’s week three, and this is like the first day that I’m off. Prior to that, I was up in Toronto working on a Soska Sisters remake of the legendary Cronenberg film, Rabid. It’s a film I’m working on now. They’re kind of futzing with the title, but I think they’ve settled on ‘Girl on the Third Floor.’ And there’s a whole bunch of other stuff in the queue I’m kinda just working on and working my way through.”

CM Punk still has a big passion for MMA. Punk says he wants to get back in the gym as soon as he finishes his projects.

”As soon as I wrap here, I’ll be right back in the gym,” Punk said.

”I think the main difference about how life used to be and how I am now is instead of worrying about what’s next while the current project is going on, I’m more in the moment,” he said. “I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I think that’s why I love MMA training so much just because you’re there, and you’re not worried about what’s behind. I’m worried about what’s in front of me right now.”

When asked when he will fight again, CM Punk gave an indefinable answer. He says he is focused on the movie at the moment, but he might be able to reply in a few weeks.

“I don’t know, I’m focused on this movie right now,” he said. “You’ll have to ask me when we wrap, which is in a couple weeks.”

Now UFC is on the move. What do you think, is there a chance CM Punk will be released? After all, we can bet Bellator MMA would be interested. And don’t forget Golden Boy MMA. Oscar De La Hoya publicly invited disgruntled MMA fighters to join!

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