CM Punk Says He Won’t Crumble Upon Being Punched Like Brock Did

The question hanging over everyone’s head is if former WWE wrestler CM Punk will get completely embarrassed in the UFC Octagon when he makes his professional debut later on in 2015. Most fans are sure that CM Punk (also known as Phil Brooks) will make a fool of both himself and the sport of MMA in his professional debut, but he has taken umbrage with that fact.

According to FrontRowBrian, CM Punk will be working with Roufusport in Milwaukee starting on January 5th, where he’ll be working on his standup and hopefully rounding out his game a bit before he steps into the UFC cage for his debut. When ESPN caught up with Punk and asked him if he’d be able to take a punch he was thoughtful and somehow didn’t flip out. I don’t know, I’m relatively shocked that he has kept doing media for the UFC while all of the questions are moderately insulting in nature like that, but kudos to him.

“I definitely think it is a gut-check moment for anyone,” Brooks said. “When you get smashed in the face for the first time, whether it’s in the schoolyard or a sanctioned boxing match, I think you find something out about yourself. Some people run. Some people will stand there. Some people will say, ‘That wasn’t bad,’ while others will say, ‘That was awful,’ but they’ll still stand in the pocket.

“I think it’s about finding out what’s inside of you. I’ve already had it in the schoolyard, in the gym, in the ring. It’s happened a lot.”

He also guessed that Brock Lesnar didn’t do much sparring, which is why he couldn’t take a punch. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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