Close to signing a fight against Machida, Rockhold also wants a purse-swap match against Bisping

Luke Rockhold has kind of come out of his shell, hasn’t he? The former Strikeforce champ that we watched rear naked choke dudes in San Jose when he was just a surfing lad now has a full blown chip on his shoulder. Maybe that chip is part of the shell that he broke out of? I don’t know, I’m not here to dissect analogies and metaphors, I’m here to tell you that Luke Rockhold is ‘very close’ to signing a fight against Machida (a fight that would go down as possibly the most handsome battle in UFC, nay, MMA history), and Luke is STILL calling out Bisping and Vitor Belfort. It’s this latest call-out from Rockhold to Bisping that really raises some eyebrows, however.

Rockhold spoke to MMAJunkie, and called out the best British MMA-fighting DJ the world has ever known to a purse swap. If Rockhold defeats Bisping in the first round, Rockhold gets Bisping’s much larger purse. Fascinating. I wonder if a glass of pee will be on the line if he takes on Machida?

“I’ve got a wager, Bisping is grossly overpaid, comparably to where we are. So, I bet Michael Bisping, if I don’t finish you in the first round, you can have my purse. But if I do finish you in the first round, you give me your purse. So if I don’t finish you in the first round, whether I beat you in a decision or what, you get both of our purses. But if I do finish you in the first round, we switch purses, and I get yours.

“Let’s see if you’ve got some balls, kid. Bring it.”

I hope we can see this happen, as it will inevitably lead to a pink slip on a pole match by UFC 267.

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