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Clocks, chokes and Cavalcanti

Clocks, chokes and Cavalcanti

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If were to say “What time is it!?” to you and you fail to respond that it’s “Adventure Time,” well, then you probably deserve to be choked. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, you really need to hang out with more 12-year olds. They know what’s up, and your guaranteed to be about to choke the crap out of them with no problem (i.e., because they are all small and weak and you’re, most likely, a grown man).

We’re talking about chokes. But, not just any chokes. The clock choke. It’s elusive and, dare I say, sometimes not so easy to get. You gotta drill this one, grapplers, and often.

Master Ricardo Cavalcanti knows what time it is, and he’s about to shows us how to finish an opponent from side control with a particularly cruel and sneaky clock choke. Queue the video …

Watch the Video…

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