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Clay Guida wins by breaking Rafael dos Anjos’ jaw

Clay Guida wins by breaking Rafael dos Anjos’ jaw

Clay Guida doesn’t have a house or an apartment. He lives in an RV that he uses to travel across America. Guida is too raw for a house that doesn’t move. You know its a fight when Clay nearly crowd dives in the audience before he even steps in the cage. That wasn’t him getting amped up, that was Guida devolving his genetic code to become absolutely primal.

Somehow Guida managed to break (or severely injure) Rafael dos Anjos’ jaw in an exhibition of pure hair-flinging roughnecking. After the fight, Clay ran around the octagon to give shout-outs to random people in the audience. It’s time to let the cat out of the bag. Clay Guida is Blanka from Street Fighter 2. If he crouched in a corner and started to electrocute himself, I don’t think anyone out there would have been surprised. When he gets inside the cage, you can literally see the physiological transformation undergo as he hunches over, beats his chest and runs around the octagon like a primate with attention deficit disorder.

Huge win for Clay Guida and all of you can get the same shorts he rocked at Jaco Clothing. Those guys power MiddleEasy like a Bic lighter fuels my ex-roommates nicotine addiction.

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