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Clay Guida thinks MMA and wrestling is almost as important as Jesus Christ coming back from the dead and international US policy

Clay Guida thinks MMA and wrestling is almost as important as Jesus Christ coming back from the dead and international US policy

I have a hard time taking the opinion of someone who doesn’t have dreadlocks and won’t cut their hair off for money seriously, but everyone has their opinions, and Clay Guida shared his opinion at UFC Fight Night 63 yesterday afternoon when he said the following after his win over someone that will never matter:

“Happy Easter to everyone that came here in person on such a sacred holiday weekend. I know there’s a Final Four going on. Secondly, with all due respect to Mr. Obama, I don’t know if you’re out golfing, hopefully you’re attending to our important united affairs. But hey, don’t forget about the world’s fastest growing most popular sport, UFC, and it all starts with wrestling.”

Clay may or may not have reflected on the fact that there are myriads of other things going on beyond wrestling and the NCAA Final Four, but then he said this:

“Like I said, first I wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter on a very sacred holiday, because without the big man above, none of this would even be possible,” said Guida. “And then I said, ‘With all due respect, Mr. Obama, if you’re not too busy golfing or playing with your bracketology and your NCAA Final Four things, or if you’re handling our nation’s important issues – hopefully you are. Come on over to Fairfax, Viginia, which I think is your backyard or side yard, and watch the fastest growing sport in the world. And, if you couldn’t be live at this one – I know a lot of fans would have liked to see him and his wife here – maybe you’ll make another one down the road.’

So Clay Guida asked Obama to come to the UFC fights halfway through the broadcast?

“So, I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful, but it is the fastest growing sport in the world. And It’d be nice to see some of those bigger names, important people in our country get behind it and support it a little bit more. No disrespect toward their direction. It’s such an important sport and it’s growing so quickly. We’re on FOX for a reason. I hope we’re not getting – you know, the NCAA’s March Madness. What about MMA madness? Don’t forget about these guys that are out doing world tours right now. McGregor and these guys that are out trying to build our sport, Aldo and all these guys that are all over.”

“I just wanted to let them know that we’re right here in Fairfax. We’re just down the road.”

You’re supposed to let him know before the fights, Clay. Air Force One isn’t that responsive. It’s the government.


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