Video: Claudia Gadelha makes plea to fans who comment on her pics, ‘leave me the **** alone’

Claudia Gadelha Plea Fans

Maybe it’s an MMA thing. Maybe it’s just an online thing, but people really like to tell people what to do on social media. Claudia Gadelha is done with fan-splaining.

It’s truly a strange trend in human culture. People work their entire lives to reach a goal or achieve something, then some random person comments on why what they are doing is bad. Weird. This piece of art has been created, now some dork 1,000 miles away tells you all the ways it sucks.


This isn’t isolated to celebrities, but they do get fired at by faceless fans at a much higher clip.

For example you’re 17-4 as a pro MMA fighter. You’re in the top 90 percentile of your profession. Title shots, main events, and reality show coaching gigs. You’re pretty damn accomplished.

So Claudia Gadelha really needs MMA fans to tell her how to train. Give her training tips, she’d love to hear them. Unsolicited advice? Women of all ages, races, and social class just love hearing that.

You are the unique snowflake who owns the words of wisdom that could save Claudia’s career. Bless you kind sir. Please tell professional MMA fighters, or anyone really, how to do their jobs.

That was a close one. Someone you don’t personally known almost didn’t hear your two cents on a topic or advice for their life.

In case you don’t get sarcasm laid on very thick, here is Claudia Gadelha with a PSA. Don’t comment on her IG posts or Twitter with advice.

K. Thx. Byes.

But seriously, don’t be that fan to Claudia Gadelha.

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