Claressa Shields Wants Props for MMA Transition: “MMA fans need to bow down and kiss my feet and throw rose petals”

Claressa Shields may already be off to a bad start with MMA fans as she told them to respect her for actually making the transition to the sport.

Image of Claressa Shields via Instagram: @ClaressaShields
Image of Claressa Shields via Instagram: @ClaressaShields

Claressa Shields is often regarded as the greatest female boxer walking the planet. Often referred to as the “GWOAT,” MMA fans remained curious to see Shields compete inside of a cage or octagon against MMA fighters. Now that Shields has signed with the PFL and is planning on making her MMA debut, she believes that the fans of the sport should be giving her the royal treatment for making the transition. 

Double Duty

Shields is only 25 years old and has expressed the desire for competition in both MMA and boxing simultaneously. Although details of Claressa’s contract with the PFL has yet to be revealed. More than likely, they’ve worked something out so that she will be able to compete in both sports. 

Now, all that is left is for fans to speculate her first fight and the weight class. In order to best manage her body, fighting at 155lbs is ideal. 

Shields Speaks on MMA Fans 

Shields spoke to the media about the beginnings of her MMA career. In her opinion, she believes that fans should be kissing her feet for actually making the transition. Which is the opposite of many fighters who just talk about it. 

“MMA fans need to bow down and kiss my feet and throw rose petals because I’m actually making the transition,” Shields said, to Bleacher Report. “I’m not just saying it. I’m actually doing it. So give me my props. Never say that Claressa Shields is scared of nobody.

“I could just stay in boxing and make my money. But before I turned pro, I read this quote and it said: ‘If your dreams don’t scare you a little bit, they’re not worth dreaming.’

“When I read that, it’s what made me sign a contract to turn professional in boxing. That’s why I turned pro, and I did exactly what I said I would: I’m the greatest woman of all time [in boxing]. I aspire to do the same thing in MMA.”

Opponent Speculation

After all, the 155lb division of women’s MMA across the board is shallow in regards to popularity. But, fans on social media didn’t take too kindly to her statements, as well as coaches and fighters in the sport. 

Who would fans like to see Claressa Shields face in her MMA debut? And is she already off to a bad start with her treatment towards the fans of the sport? Regardless if she ends up being a fan favorite or hated, she will still continue to put the work in at one of the best MMA gyms in the world. 

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