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Chris Weidman wants you to know he never turned down a fight with Vitor Belfort

Chris Weidman wants you to know he never turned down a fight with Vitor Belfort

If this was Hollywood Insider or TMZ (or even FOX News and CNN as of late) we’d be here talking about ‘who is ****ing who’. Well we aren’t about that life around here and we’d rather talk about ‘who is ducking who’. After last night’s UFC Tonight appearance, Chris Weidman suddenly found himself in the middle of a barrage of ducking accusations from MMA forum keyboard wielding warriors. Weidman made a comment on the show about not taking a couple of fights from “people challenging him, like Vitor Belfort” and the MMA community jumped on it and ran with it like Usain Bolt running from a mob of Olympic athlete groupies.

Well it appears that his words were taken a little out of context and now Weidman wants to clarify his UFC tonight statements with this written statement he posted on just a little while ago:

“Whatsup guys! Appreciate all the support. Just wanted to make it clear what happened here. The week after my last fight Belfort and a bunch of guys called me out. No fight was offered to me from the UFC. So no fight was turned down. From my understanding the UFC told Belfort the fight wasn’t gonna happen with me and him so he took the fight with Belcher. At the same time my management and I were waiting for the UFC to find out when Anderson wanted to fight next. If it was in a couple of months then I was a possible opponent. A couple of weeks after Belfort already accepted the fight with Belcher, the UFC announced that Anderson wasn’t fighting until 2013. Had I known that from the beginning I would’ve jumped on the fight against Belfort. I think he’s a great fighter and it would’ve been great for my career. Thanks, Chris Weidman”

So what Weidman is saying is he never ducked a fight with Vitor Belfort because there was never a fight offered to him by the UFC with Belfort so he couldn’t duck the Belfort fight since it never was an official fight. There you have it-it’s not ducking until it’s officially ducking, or something.

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