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Chris Weidman thinks Luke Rockhold is insecure, you guys

Chris Weidman thinks Luke Rockhold is insecure, you guys

Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman have a lot of things in common. Their looks, their domination of fighters in their weight class, bead, combover, kick ass sensibilities. But there can only be one, and Luke versus Chris is without a doubt the best and most exciting title fight the UFC is offering outside of Aldo versus McGregor. It’s rare when you can get two fighters at the absolute top of their games, at their primes, their peaks, fighting each other. It’s always one guy skyrocketing up while the other is on his way down. Not this time.

This time we get pure Weidman versus pure Rockhold, and I can’t wait for December. It’s just a bit odd that Weidman said Rockhold isn’t confident while on the MMA Hour. Luke Rockhold could be the most confident active fighter besides Weidman on the roster:


“I’m excited to go out there and just really run through Luke. I just really cannot imagine myself losing to him. I know he’ll talk the same way, but I think he’s just kind of faking it. I don’t think he really believes he can beat me, but he knows what to say.

“These guys know in the weight (class), I think they’re starting to get it. And he’s one of the guys who knows. I think he’s a little insecure about himself, and I feel like that’s why he has to pump his chest up all the time and go a little overboard. I think he’s just insecure and I think he knows what’s coming. I think he’d much rather be fighting anyone else besides me.”

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