Chris Lytle turned this picture into a reality for Dan Hardy

Sometimes the science fiction in a sci-fi movie becomes science fact in real life. Just Like all of the movies depicting zombification and mutation of life on this planet are slowly becoming a reality. There are already zombie ants with a mind controlling fungus rampaging the Brazilian rain forests. It’s just a matter of time before we too have weird tree branch looking mind control antennas growing out of our heads broadcasting hypnotic messages that make us happily sing Barry Manilow songs and wear polo shirts and dockers to government run mind-numbing assembly line sweat shop jobs everyday. Be afraid my friends, be very afraid.

Well sometimes what happens in the UFC as an attention getting stunt, also becomes reality. At least in the case of Dan Hardy and his blood red contacts, that is. Check out this picture Hardy tweeted last night of his injured hemmoraging eyeball resulting from the Chris Lytle fight. It now matches quite nicely with his fancy red mohawk. 

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