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Chris Camozzi says his next fight will be ‘balls to the wall’

Chris Camozzi says his next fight will be ‘balls to the wall’

‘Ball to the wall’ is an excellent tactic, but I’m not sure that will fly with Federal Communications Commission. We may only only see a ‘super blurry and pixelated object to the wall’ on January 28, 2012 when Chris Camozzi faces Dustin Jacoby at UFC on FOX. However, it’s the thought that counts. In fact, the less balls in my life, the better. Hell, I don’t even play soccer.

We caught up with long-time MiddleEasy reader (and rapacious UFC fighter) Chris Camozzi this week, and he didn’t run away and cower in the corner like most fighters do when we place a camera in front of them. Camozzi also informed us that he just grabbed a Playstation 3, so feel free to bombard him with ‘Play Skyrim now!’ tweets.

Check out our Chris Camozzi interview and love yourself for the rest of the day — in private.

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