Chito Vera Tells Dominick Cruz To Go Fu*k Himself But Says There Is No Bad Blood

Chito Vera says fighting is all business

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Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera insists there is no bad blood with Dominick Cruz.

Next month in San Diego, Vera fights in his second consecutive main event when he faces former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz. The fight winner could be set up for a title shot or a number one contender fight. Vera believes if he goes out and finishes Cruz, he could get the next shot; however, he is realistic and knows anything could happen in the wild sport of MMA.

Cruz has been on Vera’s radar for a minute, but according to ‘Chito,’ the two-time bantamweight champion turned him down several times.

No bad blood

In a recent interview with The Schmo, Vera explained why there isn’t bad blood between the two, and it’s strictly business, even though he tells him to fu*k off.

“He can go fuck himself and I’m gonna still punch him in the face,” Vera said. “There is no bad blood. He is in front of me. You know? What is this pretend being nice, like ‘hey, my brother, I wish you the best’ No! It’s fu*king fighting. They lock us into a cage, and the winner gets more money. I don’t think this is a friendly game.”

So, I was watching the UFC live when they announced our fight. And he was getting all sensitive like ‘Oh, there’s beef.’ There’s no beef. I just called him out when the UFC offered us a fight multiple times. Those are not lies. Those are facts. They called ‘you want to fight Cruz?’ Yes, sure. He declined to close to three times. So I just called him like, ‘Yo, why you don’t want to take the fight? Come on.’ So that’s not a beef in my opinion, this just being real.”

As the fight gets closer, the trash talk might ramp up, but for now, Vera says it is what it is.

Yan vs. Suga

Someone that Vera does have bad blood with is Sean O’Malley, who recently got booked with Petr Yan at UFC 280 on Fight Island.

Vera didn’t have much of a reaction because he is solely focused on Cruz.

“There’s no reaction. You know, I already have a fight signed. And I got already my hands full with Cruz. I feel they make the fight because the whole division was booked. At the end of the day O’Malley had a name and Yan is a good fighter. So no problem. It’s fine…Today, I don’t give two fu*ks about those fights. I’m focused on Cruz. That’s all that matters to me,” Vera said.

Yan, you’re a bi*ch

Vera revealed that he was offered to fight Yan first instead of Cruz on August 13, but Yan declined.

“Me and Yan got called the same day to fight August 13. He declined and I accepted. Again, same thing will happen with Cruz. I went and called him out like, ‘yo, you’re talking all this shit and then you declined the fight. You’re a bitch,” Vera said.

‘Chito’ puts his No. 5 ranking on the line against Cruz on August 13 at UFC San Diego.

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