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Chess is jiu jitsu for the mind. Jiu jitsu is chess for the body

Chess is jiu jitsu for the mind. Jiu jitsu is chess for the body

[div class=”notice” class2=”icon”]The following is from an article on DstryrSG, part of the MiddleEasy Network.[/div]

We’re super fortunate here at DSTRYR/SG.  Not only are we all extremely good look, we also have a way with people and make friends easily.  Ask anyone.  [Long, uncomfortable pause.]  Actually, we are just lucky and we remain completely fanatical about bringing anyone who stops by kick ass BJJ and submission grappling-related content.  It’s what we do.  It’s all we do.

If you visit DSTRYR/SG much, you are familiar by now with the innovative (and very cleverly named) techniques Adisa Banjoko has created and shared with the grappling community (example 1, example 2, example 3).  Adisa is a grappler who’s also a community activist; he reaches out to help young people through chess and Jiu Jitsu (and hip hop).  It can easily be said that both chess and Jiu Jitsu share similar concepts, strategies and theories (as we just did).

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