Cheick Kongo just knocked out Pat Barry in one of the greatest comebacks ever

HOLY CRAP! This article would have been done long ago if I could stop watching this never ending animated gif of Cheick Kongo delivering one of the greatest comebacks our sport has ever seen (it also took me forever to make the incredible banner). If there were ever a better example of MMA being everything this is it. A card put under the radar by most ends up delivering what will go down as undoubtedly one of the greatest comebacks ever. Feels good, this MMA. Scott Smith/Pete Sell comes to mind as being one of the only fights off the top of my head that might have a more dramatic finish than this one. Whew, I’m exhausted.

The fight started as we all thought it would, the two heavyweights started fast with leg kicks. Cheick took his time picking away at Barry, utilizing his significant size advantage as Barry kept pressing forward looking to close the distance with Cheick. Eventually HD landed an overhand right bringing down the Frenchman down and well…Just look at the animated gif provided by Iron Forges Iron.

Effing amazing.

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