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Check out Sh*t people tweeted @MiddlEasy during UFC 200

Check out Sh*t people tweeted @MiddlEasy during UFC 200

So many tweets. Before, during and after UFC 200 the MiddleEasy MMA universe floated out many good tweets directed @MiddlEasy. In what ended up being roughly a top ten, the nuggets of witty shit people bestowed up MiddleEasy could have easily filled up “The top 200 shit people @MiddleEasy during UFC 200”.

Our fan base will destroy your fan base, and for UFC 200 the MMA world gave us multiple free-range organic 20-piece BBQ sauce dipped nuggets to consume last night. Nuggets for breakfast? Tweet bits are the only way to celebrate your post-UFC 200 bliss.

So check out the best shit people tweeted at MiddleEasy during UFC 200. Props to @nickralston for his take on the Reebok UFC Fight Kit and his Tweet of the Night Bonus.


Brocktober in July

A visual aid

Good MMA Shirt



The best fight kit

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