Check Out WHOATV’s Mark Hunt vs. Roy Nelson Trailer

You ever walk into a fast food joint and see at that guy who lives off fast food menus? Employees know him on a first name basis and greet him with astonishment that he made it another day on this earth. His skin is greasy and belly protruding from under his stained white t-shirt. You feel lethargic just looking at him and stare in disgust, knowing that he will eat himself into a heart attack before he ever gets laid. He lumbers from out of his stool only to refill his supersized fountain drink and gulps it down as if diabetes isn’t even an after thought.

Now image that same guy has a chin made of adamantium, the same thing Wolverine’s bones are covered with (god rest his soul), and image he throws an overhand right that could kill a honey badger.  Image that he eats all the burgers and fries he wants, rocks a beer belly that Jon Daley would be proud of and still gets more action on his off nights than you do when looking your best. Image him being a decorated, championship level mixed martial artist who cares less about what you think when it comes to his appearance and more about putting people to sleep faster than a tempurpedic bed.

Now image there is two of him (brain melter I know) and they are going to do battle for your entertainment on September 20, 2014 in the home of MMA, Saitama, Japan at UFC Fight Night.

Oh you don’t believe me? Here’s the video to prove it. Try not to get heart disease while watching it.

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