Check out this slick documentary about ‘The White Anderson Silva,’ otherwise known as Brian Ebersole

According to Brian Ebersole, the arrow on his chest is pointing to his chin to let opponents know how to defeat him. That’s the equivalent of a me having a neon sign pointing to my empty wallet whenever I go on a date to alert the chick they will eventually pay for everything.  My friend Eric told me he hasn’t brushed his teeth since he was 21. I promptly responded with ‘Hey Eric, I will never share a burrito with you again’. Some stuff is inexcusable, but Brian Ebersole’s hairrow gets a pass solely because every opponent to date fails to comprehend it.

Brian Ebersole talks like he’s always on the verge of giving away the punchline to some elaborate joke that not only involves your mother, but every person in your family. Since MiddleEasy has been in existence, we’ve created a signature shirt for one MMA fighter, and we still believe it’s the greatest shirt in the history of the sport. Brian Ebersole’s ‘Hairrow’ shirt is something of legend. At least we like to think it is.

It’s been over a year since we’ve seen TWAS in action, but fortunately our bud Stuart Cooper made this slick video documenting Ebersole’s progression in the UFC.

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