Check out this Robbie Lawler fight journal

If you are sitting at work counting down the minutes til you punch out (like I am), here is something to help you pass the time until Friday happy hour begins. Check out this Fanhouse fight journal done by They managed to get all sorts of random behind the scenes footage for our viewing pleasure. It’s got Robbie Lawler. It’s got Robbie Lawler’s awesome beard. It’s got Robbie Lawler eating something that resembles a taco (and you know how much we love tacos). It’s got Robbie Lawler laughing. It’s got Robbie Lawler talking. It’s got robbie Lawler wearing a MMA tshirts. It’s got Robbie Lawler in compression shorts. If you aren’t that into Robbie Lawler, that’s OK too. There’s something in this video for everyone. You will see Jacare, Matt Hughes, Nate Diaz and more. You will even see some random guys rapping on the street corner. There you have it I’ve just helped you wipe away about 10 more minutes of pretending to do work today. You’re welcome.

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