Check out this official Dynamite!! 2010 trailer and be mildly amused

If there only was a way to integrate the entire playable roster of Mortal Kombat III to the forever growing cast of Dynamite!! 2010, then it would somewhat justify all of those quarters I pumped into the arcade machine back in the day at my local Albertsons. For those international people that are unfamiliar with Albertsons, essentially it’s a supermarket that lets you drink alcohol inside the facility. If your local Albertsons doesn’t allow this privilege, then you must personally enforce it. Don’t worry, every employee in that place is instilled with an enormous amount of apathy, they simply won’t care.

It’s amazing that we’re just three days away from Dynamite!! 2010 exploding your television (or computer monitor) with enough WTFness to have you reeling far into 2011. Check out this official trailer of the event and props to Takaya for apparently being the new face of Japanese MMA.

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