Check out this Crysis 2 Easter egg

The Cryengine was developed back in 2003 as a way to make every PC game player upgrade their computers to NASA like power. Originally used as a benchmarking tool for Nvidia, the Cryengine was so fascinating Ubisoft decided to make Far Cry out of it. Skip ahead 4 years and Cryengine 2 was released to the public via the soul crushing, heartbreaking PC game Crysis. Only 1% of our population could run the game that I called the first person, western developed ‘Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater’. It is now 2011 and I still can barely run Crysis on max settings on my gaming PC, ugh. Just a few weeks ago Crysis 2 was released on consoles and it was made possible via the Cryengine 3. This is by far the prettiest game you will play for the foreseeable future, people. Whether it’s the destructable environments or open sandboxy gameplay, Crysis is a front runner for shooter of the year. In honor of today’s date, take a peak at one of the many cool Easter eggs the game has to offer.


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