Check out the third episode of Ronda Rousey’s Trip to the 209, right here!

I’ve told you guys in the past that if you ever want to get Nick Diaz to open up, talk to him about living a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle and he will scientifically breakdown every aspect of his diet. Now with this episode of Ronda Rousey’s Trip to the 209, we finally have cinematic proof of Nick Diaz dropping nutritional knowledge and why the entire human population will wither away from eating ‘retarded cows.’ Trust me, it all makes sense if you imagine Nick Diaz as the budding dietician and not the murderous welterweight that he truly is.

Our third installment of Ronda Rousey’s Trip to the 209 is (as always) sponsored by NeoCell and Throwdown, the only two companies that care about bringing something fresh to the MMA world. Without their support, this wouldn’t be possible and you would probably be reading a story about Adele being pregnant. We all have those gossip guilty pleasures — that’s probably why most of you are obsessed with our Sunday Morning Rumor Mill. Enough of this nonsense, check out our new episode of Ronda Rousey’s Trip to the 209. You can check out our previous episode here, and the debut episode of the webdoc.

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