Check out the Street Fighter 2 version of Shinya Aoki vs. Jienotsu

Ever since Jienotsu knocked out Shinya Aoki within four seconds of the second round of their Dynamite!! 2010 bout, I’ve questioned whether Jienotsu is gay, or just really into cosplay. Regardless, the guy has impeccable style that should be admired by everyone out there, even you Sean — assuming that someone reading this is named Sean and that person has no appreciation for Jienotsu’s swagger. My gay upstairs neighbors watched Dynamite!! 2010 live (or at least semi-live) and proclaimed that their ‘Gaydar’ didn’t go off on the sight of Jienotsu. Goes to show you that a guy can wear a school-girl outfit and still be straight. Great, my Halloween costume this year is taken care of.

Check out this video of the Street Fighter 2 version of Shinya Aoki vs. Jienotsu, and if you listen closely, you can hear my old roommate, OB, laughing hysterically from Chicago, Illinois. [Source]

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