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Check out the first MMA event in the history of Iraq

MMA is like cheese. If you add it to anything, it makes it astronomically better. A birthday cake is alright. A cheesecake birthday cake makes you want to rob someone at gunpoint. It’s just one of those scientific facts like if you throw buttered toast in the air, it will always land on the side that’s buttered (go ahead, try it…we’re not shampooing your carpet). If you want to open a portal to another dimension, try tying two pieces of toasts with both buttered sides up and throw it up in the air. Time will probably explode…or something. But this isn’t about buttered toast or universal paradoxes. This is about about MMA in friggin Iraq.

Check out this new trailer for a documentary called A Fight For the Troops where soldiers compete in MMA events in Iraq, Tim Kennedy style. Just more confirmation that America kicks ass (like you really needed any). [Source]



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