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Check out the $7.8 million 24-acre lot where the UFC headquarters will be moving to

Check out the $7.8 million 24-acre lot where the UFC headquarters will be moving to

The UFC recently announced they will be relocating from one location in the Nevada desert to yet another location in the desolate, post-apocalyptic-like landscape of Las Vegas. Some turn-of-the-century settlers traversed the country from the East in an attempt to get to California and when they reached what’s now known as Las Vegas they just unpacked and said ‘Screw it, this will do.’ That’s the abridged version of American history that you weren’t taught in school. The people who established Las Vegas and eventually Nevada were just too lazy to make it to California. It eventually became a trading outpost and one day a guy brought his caravan to Las Vegas and unable to pay for repairs, he negotiated that if he won in a game of poker with the store owner, he would have his caravan repaired for absolutely free. The two played a heated hand, and the store owner won with a full house and eventually shot the guy with the caravan in a heated dispute. Fortunately the guy survived and feeling sorry for the wounded man, the store owner fixed his caravan sent him on his way. That was the start of gambling in Las Vegas.

Oh, I made all of that up. The only sherd of evidence in that entire paragraph is the UFC is moving their headquarters to a new $7.8 million 24-acre lot and FOX 5 has video of it.

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