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Check out Ronda Rousey skim boarding like some type of skim boarding champion

Check out Ronda Rousey skim boarding like some type of skim boarding champion

I like my skim boarding to be 2% and homogenized. If you mix a box of Froot Loops with a skim board — you’ve invented a way to waste $5.25. That wasn’t a typo, by the way. That’s really how you spell ‘Froot Loops.’ Kellogg is allergic to the English vocabulary. What the heck is a Kellogg anyway? They probably wanted to spell ‘Catalog’ and when someone brought up the typo in the boardroom, executives said ‘Screw it, just let it slide.’ Kellogg is banking on the scientific fact that if you pump enough sugar into the human population — we won’t even care about typos. Those fellows are reinventing the English language how they see fit, one bowl of sugary cereal at a time.

Ronda Rousey’s favorite cereal is Rice Krispies solely for her love of Snap, Crackle and Pop. According to Kellogg lore, those are the name of the three gnomic elves that live together inside each box of Rice Krispies. It’s been nearly 70 years and those dudes are now multimillionaires — I think it’s about time they find a real-estate agent and get their own apartment. Gnomic Elves are bums.

We hid in a bush and followed Ronda Rousey around Venice Beach so we could increase our collective level of creepiness. Just kidding — or are we? Regardless, check out this video of Ronda skim boarding like a skim boarding champion, we think.

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