Check out Patrick Cote slapping his opponent at the weigh-ins

Leave it to the French to perpetually be involved in scandalous activities. I used to live next to this French guy, let’s just call him ‘Guilherm’ (since that’s his real name). On Friday nights, the dude would walk around the streets and flick car door handles just to see if they would open. When he found an unlocked car, he would crawl inside and steal valuables like wrenches, sweaters and coupon books. After he was done, Guilherm would leave a crepe on top of the steering wheel to signify how awesome he was. The latter part is made up, but the rest of it is completely true, just ask him.

Now that Patrick Cote is fighting in Ringside 11 today, check out yesterday’s weigh-ins which featured a small confrontation followed by a snide slap from Patrick Cote. [Source]

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