Check out our coverage of the Supremacy MMA party at the Universal Studios Citywalk

Ah, Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. I would be lying if I told you that I wasn’t chased by the cops in their parking lot at some point this year. The agility of my Ford Focus enabled me to evade arrest, but during the car chase I haphazardly ran over a parking cone. Sorry parking cone, I didn’t mean to permanently disfigure you with my used vehicle. If it were possible to pay for the cost of some method of rubber-reconstructve surgery, I would. Unfortunately, I no longer know where you reside at plastic cone — and I’m not entirely sure if you understand nor know how to turn on a computer. However plastic cone, if you have a laptop readily available to you and are reading this article, I want to apologize from the bottom of my human heart for ruining your orange, synthetic heart. I’ll pour a 40oz on the street in your honor.

LayzieTheSavage attended the official Supremacy MMA party at the Universal Studios Citywalk in Hollywood, California on June 10th 2011. He used the power of the Green MiddleEasy shirt to cut a highlight video of the event and in the process, grab a few interviews from the fighters that will be in Supremacy MMA.

Be sure to pick up Supremacy MMA September 20th 2011 for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3. MiddleEasy will be in the game, so you don’t want to miss it.


We’ve talked to Jens Pulver on a number of occasions, and the conversation eventually always comes down to video games. The Supremacy MMA party was no different. Check out this brief interview of Jens Pulver talking about what he’s been up to and why everyone should scoop up Supremacy MMA.


If you don’t follow Felice Herrig on Twitter, then you’re doing yourself an incredibly disservice. She tweets impromptu pictures of herself in a bikini. I would think that’s a very large selling point to most of the male demographic. She’s also sponsored by Alienware, a company that makes a line of computers that is cooler than anything you have plugged into any wall socket in your house. That is, unless you have one of these things.


Most of you remember that gnarly cut that opened up in Michele Gutierrez’s fight against Amanda LaVoy at XFO 39. It was like a river of bodily fluid that would undoubtedly attract any vampire on True Blood. Unfortunately that night, Michele Gutierrez was handed only her second loss in her MMA career due to doctor’s stoppage, but she gained an influx of new fans that appreciate her no-quit attitude. LayzieTheSavage caught up with Michele to inspect the status of the cut and to see what is next for Gutierrez.


Last month we told you how a drunk driver struck Shane del Rosario’s car at a red light in California which not only forced del Rosario out of his upcoming Strikeforce bout, but severely messed with his MMA career. It was a potential career-ending accident that forced Shane to go through rehab, but in this interview it appears that Shane plans to make a comeback to MMA at the end of this year.

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