Check out Minowaman and Tokoro in the 2011 Ninja Warrior Tournament

In the battle of universal energy consumption, Minowaman’s red Speedos and his impeccable mullet are at odds. Battling for eons, both items have temporarily called a truce this year to let Minowman finally achieve his full potential of ‘Giant Killer’ (or whatever moniker one deems appropriate for a man that wears red Speedos). In fact, just yesterday Minowaman picked up a unanimous decision win over Carlos Toyota at HEAT in Osaka, Japan. When the video surfaces on the internet, we’ll publish it on MiddleEasy along with another statement as to how Minowaman’s red Speedos complete some long forgotten universal equation. In the meantime, check out Minowaman and Tokoro in this year’s 2011 Ninja Warrior tournament.

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