Check out John Hathaway’s picture in this British newspaper, he’s the one wearing the Matt Hardy WWE disguise

I once confused Dan Miller for his brother Jim Miller at an MMA Expo.  They look a lot more alike in person than they do submitting people in the UFC.  I felt like a moron for several weeks and thought it was a mistake that would haunt me for the rest of my life.  That was until I saw Eddie Goldman confuse Ben Saunders with Byron Byrd.  Suddenly my life had meaning again.  I was free from my troubled slip-of-the-tongue and the burden of outrageous mistaken identity rested on Goldman’s shoulders until this morning, when a British Newspaper printed this picture of John Hathaway wearing a WWE superstar Matt Hardy disguise.  I can’t even see where the costume ends and the real John Hathaway begins.


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