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Check out Fred Ettish talking about his life since fighting at UFC 2 back in 1994

Check out Fred Ettish talking about his life since fighting at UFC 2 back in 1994

Back in 1994, Bill Clinton was president, Major League Baseball went on strike for the entire season, and Jim Carrey still made funny movies. Besides the Winter Olympics that year, the only other sporting event I looked forward to was UFC 2. I planned a sleepover party an entire week ahead of time, and convinced my mom to let us stay in the basement overnight so we could be as noisy as we wanted and not keep them up all night. Minutes later, there we were — three 11-year-olds watching UFC 2 for free on an illegal cable box in my parents basement. We knew that seeing it live would automatically make us the coolest kids in school. In the days to come, we talked about it non-stop until a teacher caught wind. Ms. Levy called my mom to ask her what she was thinking letting us watch it. And so…Bauzen’s early UFC underground PPV parties swiftly came to an end.

Props to anyone who read the title of this article and remembered Fred Ettish despite his brief history with the UFC. While he may have lost his first MMA fight, he returned to MMA at the age of 53 to record his first win after a haunting series of events. If you haven’t heard anything about him since 1994, there are some dark reasons for that. Reasons he’s going to get into in this short film by Bobby Razak.


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