Check out Dominick Cruz’s surgically repaired, but disfigured hand

Someone needs to tell NASA that Dominick Cruz is incubating a race of extraterrestrial creatures solely in his left hand and if the military doesn’t intervene, whatever species of aliens in his hand will escape and enslave the rest of humanity and build an effigy to Dominick Cruz, proclaiming the UFC bantamweight champion as their celestial creator. Religious texts will be written stating how Dominick Cruz’s hand was the equivalent of Noah’s Ark, and without it, their species would have died off eons ago. At least that’s the story that religious establishments will try to sell you in the future, be we all know that this picture is really Dominick Cruz’s left hand fifteen hours after surgery. We’re not sure what that…’connective worm’ is in the middle, but we’re assuming it’s for the betterment of mankind. [Source]

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