Check out a few entries from the ‘Hairrow’ contest and get the ‘Hairrow’ shirt for a new low price!

The Hairrow isn’t just some silly design on one’s chest. It’s a culture. The hairrow is a lifestyle that can only be expressed on one’s torso. Live it, love it, and most importantly, shave it. If you’ve been living under a rock in a hyperbaric chamber in the middle of the earth for the past month, then you haven’t heard of our epic UFC 133 Brian Ebersole contest. For the uninformed, you can either click here or listen to TWAS explain his own contest in this video.


If you would like to enter the contest (and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t), you can send your submission to [email protected]. Check out just a few of the ones we received so far. Remember, the deadline is August 2nd 2011.


We’ve also reduced the price on our official Brian Ebersole signature line MiddleEasy shirt. What was $27.99 is now only $20.99 Get it in all of its extraordinary hairy detail!

Buy the Hairrow shirt today!

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