Chase Sherman, Colby Covington are arguing about pro wrestling and it’s the worst thing

Colby Covington still the worst

It’s the Miguel Torres rule. Chase Sherman, Colby Covington should take note as we continue to yell in the void “MMA fighters are not comedians, MMA fighters are not pro wrestlers”.

Sure fighters can enjoy comedy and think they’re funny around their gym buddies. This does not make you funny on Twitter.

Fighters could have grown up pro wrestling fans and continue to be fans to this day. This does not mean fighters should think they can run pro wrestling angles on social media.

In compleltly related news, here’s Chase Sherman, Colby Covington arguing about pro wrestling on Twitter and it’s the worst thing.

The thread goes on and on and on. It never stops. We have to tap out for own sanity. A 30 person Royal Rumble but for the worst MMA follows on social media.

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