Charles Oliveira Had A Premonition The Night Before UFC 274 About His Weigh-In, According To His Coach

Charles was warned about his weight miss

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Charles Oliveria‘s UFC 274 weight miss keeps getting crazier and crazier.

It’s been almost a month since Oliveria missed weight at UFC 274 and was stripped of his lightweight title. In a recent interview with Ag.Fight,  Oliveria’s head coach Diego Lima said ‘Do Bronx’ came to him the day before weigh-ins and said he had a premonition.

“On Thursday he came to me and said, ‘Lima, God told me that I will be tested during the weigh-in. That the test will be the weigh-in and in the fight I won’t even warm up.’ He told me this on Thursday,” Lima said. “But he was so well at the weight, he was cutting so well that I thought, what problem could we have in the weigh-in? Like, he was doing really well. So on Thursday, he hit the weight. He slept peacefully and I thought blimey there is no problem.”

“But he said to me on Thursday, ‘The man in the sky told me my problem is here. It won’t be in the octagon.'”

Oliveria was right as he was off by .5 pounds. The night prior, he posted on Twitter that he had already made weight.

So when the Brazilian was not perfect on the scale his head coach started to remember what his fighter was saying.

“Then when all that happened on Friday, no wonder it was one of the things I said to him. For sure, he cried and we were all very sad about what happened,” Lima said. “Then they told us about the belt, that there would be no belt. So at the time it was a shock, but at the same time I said, ‘Charles, you told me on Thursday. That your problem, that your test would be here.'”

So I said, do you want bigger proof than that? You said exactly that. You hit your weight and did your part and now suddenly you weigh yourself and you’re not in the weight? It’s all happening right? Then we talked and I told him…’It was supposed to be a belt defense and now things are totally different, now things are much more personal. Now more than ever you will prove who is the champion.”

Lima continued. “I said, ‘one thing they theoretically did to bring you down, made you bigger in a way, that tomorrow your fight will be watched by 10 times more people, that tomorrow you will be in the gossip of 10 times more people.”

While there still is no answer as to what happened with the scale, UFC president Dana White did say that from now on there will be a guard watching the scale at all times, so take that as you will.

Oliveira’s head coach doesn’t place blame on anyone and doesn’t want to blindly accuse anyone.

“No, I would never accuse anyone,” Lima said. “When I say the enemy is dirty, I’m not thinking about one person. I’m thinking as a whole. Charles Oliveria is really a man of God. When I say the enemy is dirty, I mean negative thoughts, envy, people that want to bring him down with negative thoughts.”

“In the end he proved again that he is the champion and proved again that the man in the sky is on our side.”

Oliveria might not be the official UFC lightweight champion on paper but everyone knows he is the rightful champion. He doesn’t have a next opponent scheduled yet.

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