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Chances Are That Nate Diaz Is Just Looking for ‘Greener’ Pastures

Chances Are That Nate Diaz Is Just Looking for ‘Greener’ Pastures

There’s a certain level of acceptance that goes into the buildup to a Diaz fight in the UFC ring. You, as a fan, accept that there is going to be at least one press event that gets entirely skipped. You also accept that if something goes wrong in the fight that there will be some weird reason as to why that happened. That being said, the Diaz Brothers aren’t fools and know better than to have complete meltdowns.

That is what makes Nate Diaz’s fight last night so fascinating. Nate Diaz skipped the open workouts because he was sleeping and didn’t know that they were mandatory (even though he’s fought how many times for the UFC now?). Then he showed up at the weigh-ins a whopping four pounds over weight. This all came after Nate Diaz sat out for over a year trying to get a better contract out of the UFC.

Then the fight happened and Nate Diaz ate a lot of leg kicks and didn’t really look like himself.

While this is simply conjecture at this point, if I were a betting man, I’d be betting on Nate Diaz looking for a way out of the UFC, especially now that Bellator is not only a viable option, but one that is clearly going to be competitive with the UFC. Scott Coker and Viacom are looking for needle movers and, well, Nate Diaz is a needle mover. In fact, this whole talk of needle movement came from talk about Nate Diaz.

The UFC has been playing hardball with Nate Diaz, going as far as to levy an additional $10,000 fine on Diaz from this past weekend. Dana White does not seem happy with Diaz, talking about how Nate might need to retire if he can’t get serious. Diaz has not only been outspoken about how the UFC needs to pay him better, he even went as far as to call out new UFC business partner Reebok on Twitter.

I’m not going to take anything away from Rafael Dos Anjos and his win over Nate Diaz, nor am I going to say that Diaz threw the fight, but I’m willing to say that Nate Diaz didn’t really prepare for that fight and usually the easiest way to get cut from the UFC? Losing a fight.

In pure Diaz fashion this is all rather overt and easy to read. Maybe it is being deceptive and Nate just doesn’t give a shit, but seeing how worked up he was over CM Punk coming into the UFC and making everyone look like amateurs for not getting paid like him, I don’t see Nate Diaz not caring about MMA or his paydays anymore. Hell, even his manager, Mike Kogan, has been “linked” with Bellator over the past week or so, people thinking that he might be working with Coker in some regards (although Coker refuted this claim).

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and last night Nate Diaz gave us some smoke to choke on. Nick, on the other hand, claims that Nate was only at “40%.”

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-partner=”tweetdeck”><p>Good job to my brother did a good job considering the issues he ran into leading up doubt he&#39;s was even 40%tonight . <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; nick diaz (@nickdiaz209) <a href=”″>December 14, 2014</a></blockquote>
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