Chael Sonnen tests positive for performance enhancing drugs, Lance Armstrong laughs hysterically

If the news of Chael Sonnen failing a post-fight drug test due to performance enhancing drugs is true (which it appears to be), that would mean a Chael Sonnen fighting at 150% still cannot defeat an Anderson Silva operating at 75%. Of course, the percentages are meaningless. Depending on the amount of performance enhancing drugs used by Chael Sonnen, that number could be as high as 300% and depending on the severity of Silva’s rib injury, his effectiveness could hover somewhere around 50%. The fact still remains that Chael Sonnen took performance enhancing drugs at UFC 117 and Anderson Silva still defeated him.

According to Sherdog, California State Athletic Commission Executive Officer George Dodd informed Greg Savage after the Mosley vs. Mora card that Sonnen ‘received notice yesterday [Friday]’ of the discovery. Wow. It’s also important to note that Chael Sonnen claimed he had a flu prior to UFC 117 and certain flu medications may lead to positive PED results which could very well be the case in this situation.

This story does not come without irony. On August 3rd 2010, only four days before UFC 117, Chael Sonnen was interviewed by Pro MMA Radio and accused Lance Armstrong of ‘giving himself’ cancer based on the alleged performance enhancing drugs used in his career.

“When you screw up, you have to own it. That stuff really gets under my skin. Take Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong did a number of things and he gave himself cancer. He cheated, he did drugs, and he gave himself cancer. Well, instead of saying ‘Hey listen, I cheated and gave myself cancer, don’t be like me.’ He actually made himself the victim and then went out and profited something like $15 million dollars from this ‘Hey, poor me, let’s find a cure for cancer’ campaign instead of just coming clean and saying, ‘Look, here’s what I did, I screwed myself up, and I hope people learn from my mistakes.’ You just watch these guys and can’t help but think, God, what a fraud. You got the whole Michael Phelps being a pothead thing too. I’m just glad I’m in the business I’m in so I can get them in the cage and kick the crap out of them.”

The LOLcopter is flying high today and if you listen real close, you can hear it land somewhere near West Linn, Oregon later today. We also have to mention that this could all be the result of the infamous ‘Hispanic Chael Sonnen’ that tends to surface whenever controversy ensues. [Source]

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