Chael Sonnen Warns Spotify Employees Looking To Censor Joe Rogan: ‘Be Careful What You Ask For’

Chael Sonnen Sounds Off On Spotify Employees Who Are Trying To Censor Joe Rogan's Podcast

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There have been a lot of issues with Joe Rogan’s move to Spotify. Now Chael Sonnen chimes in on these concerns, and the Bad Guy pulled no punches.

At first fans were excited about Rogan’s massive deal with Spotify, but quickly that began to change. Initial problems with missing podcasts, as well as some of Joe’s comments coming under fire, have led to a tumultuous start to the relationship between the UFC commentator and comedian, and the music streaming service. In fact, it has gotten to the point where Spotify employees have begun threatening to protest if the company does not begin to enforce some censorship on the JRE.

Chael Sonnen Comes To Joe Rogan’s Defense

Someone who does not want to see Spotify censor Joe Rogan, is the American Gangster Chael Sonnen. Speaking on his YouTube channel he made it clear that he feels that Spotify knew what they were getting into when they signed Joe. He feels that all Joe tries to do is have an honest conversation with people, giving them a platform to voice their opinions, without necessarily agreeing with what they say or feel. As a comedian he may get things wrong, but he does not endorse all of these opinions and should not have to censor his guests.

“If you’re going to be one of these signalers who are going to attempt to shine your own wheels – I’ve never fully understood that, as much as I am aware of the phenomenon that people do go and do that,” Sonnen said. “If you’re think you’re going to do that by bringing down Joe Rogan, who will openly identify himself as a comedian, he will openly tell you ‘My show is conversation, live. Whatever happens, happens and I will put it out to the people because I have something know as courage. Because I don’t go out and silence my guests. I have a deal with my guests: you give me your time, I will give you a platform and we will show the audience whatever happened.’ That’s called integrity. 

“One of the few things I have ever been taught in my job as an analyst,” Sonnen continued. “I learned it from Joe Rogan, and it was one sentence and I have never forgotten it. He said ‘Chael say what you see and nothing else.’ … Joe does that in all walks of his life, including on his program, and he gives equal time all across the board. You can go right on an issues you can go left on an issue. You can go up on an issue, you can go down. Each one of you can come before Joe and say your peace. That’s called integrity.”

Sonnen goes on to explain that if Joe were to edit his guests, it would be a “slimey” thing to do. Moreover he says that if Joe did that to him, he would never return as a guest. Lastly, Chael concludes by issuing a warning to the Spotify employees who want to see Joe censor things.

“Now you’ve got these folks over at Spotify who have come out, employees of Spotify who are standing up to management, management who has taken a serious risk and investment in a product known as Joe Rogan,” Chael said. “They are starting to now dictate to management their terms, and what they will and will not do, based on what Joe and/or his guests say. There’s no integrity in that, and now you’re talking about the inmates running the asylum.

“I don’t have a tremendous hand in this, I’ve just known Joe a long time and I know you can take him at his word,” he concluded. “I know he’s a stand-up guy, and I also know he’s a great guy to argue with because he’s not afraid to change his mind if you confront him with information he had not previously considered. I will tell you, if you want to get into this game, Joe has some friends. I’m over there at Spotify, and I will tell you right now I don’t need you Spotify. I don’t need you at all. I will get my message out there five different ways. You do need me, and the literal me I’m speaking of is also a figurative me. If you think you are going to go pick on Joe Rogan, I am going to give you fair (warning), Joe Rogan has a lot of friends. Be careful what you ask for, because I promise you in this space, you will get it.” 

What do you think of these comments from Chael Sonnen? Do you think Joe Rogan will start censoring his podcast?

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