Chael Sonnen gives Anderson Silva an offer he assumes Silva can’t refuse

I woke up with the intention of calling Chael Sonnen and pretending like I was going to buy real estate in West Linn, Oregon but then covertly turn the call into an impromptu interview. In retrospect, it was a busterish idea dripping with ulterior motives. That’s not my style, if I had a style. Tiger-Palm Kung-Fu would be my official style, but that doesn’t apply to early morning phone calls. Let’s not forget the day last year when the term ‘hypogonadism’ was introduced into our MMA lexicon. Hypogonadism sounds like a religious movement only reserved for the Justice League of America. There’s a good chance Anderson Silva doesn’t know what any of this testosterone replacement therapy means, but according to Sonnen it doesn’t matter. This morning, Chael stated that Anderson Silva has twenty-four hours to accept his offer, and if he doesn’t, things may start to get ugly. We’re assuming the offer is to buy real estate in West Linn, Oregon. Hopefully Ando will accept, that place is awesome. [Source]

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