Cesar Gracie says Greg Jackson isn’t that great of a coach

It wasn’t too long ago when Cesar Gracie called Nick Diaz the ‘Rosa Parks’ of MMA due to his constant marijuana persecution. Only in MMA can you have a fighter be compared to one of the greatest civil rights pioneer in modern history because an athletic commission overturned their win over Takanori Gomi due to marijuana use. Let’s face it, marijuana is about as much of a performance enhancing drug as a booger swinging from your nose is a performance enhancing way to pick-up the opposite sex. Now in this interview from Ariel Helwani, Cesar Gracie says that Greg Jackson isn’t really a coach, but more of a ‘motivational speaker’.

“He’s more of a coordinator where he puts things in perspective. And he’s great at what he does. Training’s at this time, let’s go run the mountain or something. Let’s go train with this guy. He’s more of a motivational speaker possibly, but as a true sense of the word ‘coach,’ he’s not on the same page as great coaches of the world. He’s not. I’ve got nothing against Greg Jackson in particular. There’s a lot of guys like that. I’m sure he’s a great guy and everything. But the guys from [American Top Team] in Florida, it’s like, you don’t have Dan Lambert doing that. He doesn’t get in the limelight and he’s great, he does everything. He sets it all up, and he’s done an incredible job. You never see him pretending he did something he didn’t do. The great coaches are in the background.”

I guess the only way to settle this debate is in an exhibition bout between Greg Jackson and Cesar Gracie. At least in a perfect world, that scenario would happen. However, we live on a planet where Anne Hathaway gets selected to be Catwoman in the new Batman movie, so it’s apparent that this world is far from perfect. [Source]

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