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Cero Miedo to Lick of Death: The Top Ten Moments of Lucha Underground Season 2 ranked

Cero Miedo to Lick of Death: The Top Ten Moments of Lucha Underground Season 2 ranked

Lucha Underground is a cult. Lucha Underground is pro wrestling. Lucha Underground is a Robert Rodriguez inspired cinematic serial. In a sports entertainment marketplace competing for both your eyeballs and dollars, Lucha Underground is a living organism that catches your attention in a crowded field.

Part Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling, part El Mariachi homage, part extreme wrestling style, part telenovela drama all smashed into a blender is what makes Lucha Underground interesting. For lapsed pro wrestling fans caught on the WWE hamster wheel, Lucha Underground offers a very different alternative.

Season one of Lucha Underground debuted in October of 2014 and ran off 37 episodes before their two-part season finale on the Robert Rodriguez founded El Rey network. For a pro wrestling show or a TV series, Lucha Underground’s first season became a critically acclaimed indie hit.

An Underground fight club called The Temple based in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles where the promoter feeds on violence? The end of days, murder, an undercover police investigation, a werewolf, seven legendary tribes, dragons, kidnapping, torture, snake people, prescription drug use, a dark lord, were just a few of the subplots and moments that made believers blur the lines between holy shit and this is awesome.

Lucha Underground is a cinematic wrestling cult. Season two of Lucha Underground concludes this week with the last installment of a three-part finale dubbed “Ultima Lucha Dos”. To appreciate season two of Lucha Underground, let’s try to cram 30 episodes of mystical Temple magic into ten of the moments (gifs) that defined it.

True believers open your hearts and feast your eyes upon the top ten moments of Lucha Underground season 2.

10. The trios team Disciples of Death break up the only way they know how; heart removal to gain the powers of your former friends!!!

9. Nunchuk fight!!! More pro wrestling feuds need to end with a tag-team nunchuk brawl.

8. Pentagon Jr. loves to break his opponent’s arms; Catrina has supernatural abilities so disappearing is the best arm break defense.

7. Fenix and King Cuerno put on a classic series of matches over The Gift of the Gods title. Cuerno takes a ladder tumble

6. On the premier of LU season two Pentagon Jr. runs in and breaks LU champion Mil Muertes’ freaking arm

5. After fleeing The Temple on the last episode of season one promoter Dario Cueto (El Jefe) returns at Aztec Warfare and introduces LU fans to his baby brother Matanza Cueto

4. Mil Muertes punches the monster Matanza through a coffin during their Grave Consequences casket match

3. Manatnza wins Aztec Warfare 2, the Lucha Underground championship and eliminates nearly ten men in his debut on Lucha Underground

2. DEATH vs. THE MONSTER (AKA Hoss fiiiiiiiggggggggght)…….. In summary Matanza and Mil Muertes put on one of the best matches of season two

1. Fan favorite and ultimate underdog Sexy Star and the woman who tortured her Mariposa have a five star “No Mas” match. Before conquering Mariposa, Sexy Star tells her fears and her antagonist to fuck off

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