CB Dolloway the Brazilian Destroyer vs Lyoto Machida? Yep, it’s going to happen

I think I’m one of the few people that actually likes watching C.B. Dolloway fight. He’s no longer the boring smothering fighter that he used to be in my eyes and his training is paying off – you know that when he connects he actually hurts people with his awkward wrestley-striking.

On December 20th, C.B. Dolloway will face his toughest test yet. Lyoto ‘Elusive Elusiveness’ Machida. Now this is no easy feat for well, any man. Let alone Dolloway. After all we’ve recently witnessed our current Intercontinental (middleweight) Champion got cracked more than a few times from old dragon hands. Had Lyoto been a bit quicker off of the mark, he may actually be the current Middleweight Champion setting up for a furious Tag Team match at Fall Brawl, but alas it was not to be.

Now you’re probably wondering why I called Dolloway the Brazilian Destroyer, well it’s simple – his last two fights in Brazil, NAY his only two fights in Brazil, he won. Handily. Lyoto’s terrified. You bet your arse he’s going to be drinking his fair share of pee in the lead up to the fight to conjure up some crazy Okinawan mana. He’s going to need it, because Dolloway’s going to bring some dirty filthy grind. 

Expect Machida to go full sumo in the build up to this fight to cancel out Dolloway’s wrestling before knocking him out cold three minutes into the first round. Sorry Dolloway, I love you, but Machida’s my real bae.


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